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Patient Testimonials

There are many good things I can say about Miracle-Ear. They give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need about the free hearing aid test in Tarentum. In terms of Covid recommendations, they go above and beyond. The staff is incredibly welcoming and accommodating. The best part is that they have a lot of knowledge about hearing loss, so my hearing aids were set up correctly the first time.

James Alfaro
James Tam

I really like the new hearing aids. I'm able to hear sounds that I haven't heard in a while. I don't even realize they're in my ears because they are so comfortable! When I'm at a party or a church, I feel like I belong to a group. I'm overjoyed with them! Thank you!

Alesha Douglas

I'm 70 years old. I had trouble hearing for about ten years. I've tried different hearing aids, but they were not either comfortable or effective. I came to know about the free hearing aid test in Tarentum. I received my new Miracle-Ear hearing aids following a free hearing evaluation. One thing I will say is that they are fantastic, and I have forgotten my previous hearing aid experiences. I can now participate in conversations and hear sounds that I haven't heard in ten years.

Michael Sandler

Life Beyond Hearing Loss Starts with Miracle-Ear

Do you or someone you love suffer from hearing loss? Start by getting a free hearing aid test in Tarentum. By doing so, we can decide what will work best for your hearing disability. Additionally, our team provides free consultations along with care in nursing or personal care homes.


Choosing the right hearing aid can significantly raise your quality of life on a daily basis and change the way you live. The simplest way to figure out what’s best for you is to schedule a hearing aid consultation with one of our knowledgeable & friendly specialists! We have locations across Tarentum. Contact us to find out more.

It's Important To Act Early To Get Your Hearing Ability Tested.
Using Over The Counter Hearing Aids is Often Problematic.

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Early Symptoms Of Hearing Loss


Others complain about the high volume of the TV.

Missing Important sounds

Finding difficulty in what people are saying.

Asking people to repeat their words.

Trouble in listening in crowds.

Turning TV and Radio volume high.

You hear ringing in your ears.

Getting ignored by people

Frequently ask people to repeat themselves.

Get A Free Hearing Aid Test In Tarentum Today To Rediscover The Sounds Of Life

Our Hearing Aid Healthcare Service Includes The Following

Excellence is Our Commitment

Every step of the journey is supported by Miracle-Ear. We've dedicated more than 70 years to improving people's hearing so they can spend their best years together. Our 1,500 locations across the country offer the same level of respect and care.

Lifetime Service & Aftercare Included.

Taking care of your hearing aids together will ensure their longevity. Due to this, we offer our customers free hearing tests, cleanings, adjustments, and repairs every year.

3 Year Warranty

We want you to have the best experience possible because purchasing hearing aids is a significant commitment. Because of this, we offer our best 3-year warranty in the industry on almost all Miracle-Ear hearing aids.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

Our audiologists are here for you at every stage. Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the best customer service and hearing health care from our qualified and knowledgeable hearing care specialists.

Budget-Friendly Solutions For Every Lifestyle

Over the past few decades, hearing aid technology has advanced significantly and changed significantly. Miracle-Ear offers a variety of hearing aid models, from the virtually invisible to the incredibly powerful digital technology. Finding a solution that perfectly complements your way of life is our goal.

Discount on In-store Solution

With the Free Hearing Aid Test in Natrona Heights, we hope to find the solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and budget. If you purchase an in-store solution, you will receive a $1,000 discount. The free hearing test and heavy discount on hearing aids make it an excellent deal to lock in.


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Questions? We've got answers.

This notion is untrue. Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age or stage of life. Actually, people under 65 make up 65% of those who have hearing loss. 6 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 suffer from hearing loss, of which 1.5 million are students.

Getting your hearing tested is the first step in the healing process. An audiologist will examine your hearing to determine whether you have hearing loss and whether amplification would be helpful.

Hearing aids can make it much easier to understand speech. They do not, however, restore your ear’s normal functionality.

All of our products come with a three-year warranty that covers loss, damage, and even repair.

Audiologists are medical professionals who diagnose, assess, and treat auditory conditions like tinnitus and balance issues as well as hearing loss.