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Patient Testimonials

I am overjoyed with my new hearing aids! I enjoy being able to hear and participate in group conversations. A top-notch service that was on time, courteous, informed, and extremely helpful. I'm grateful. I feel like I can participate fully in life once more.

Linda Lefler
- Linda Lefler

I can't hear without a hearing aid because I have severe hearing loss in my left ear and total loss in my right. I was really struggling with my old hearing aid. I took the free hearing aid test in Leechburg and the audiologist here assured me that he would be able to help me. We talked for quite a while about my hearing aid needs. It has been a life-changing experience for me to use this hearing aid.

Robert Eliason
Robert Eliason

I had a great time taking the free hearing aid test in Leechburg. Once I filled out the appointment form, they immediately got in touch with me. My left ear has hearing loss, so it was advised that I use a Miracle Ear hearing aid. I'm in awe of how perfectly Miracle Ear Hearing aid fits in my ear and allows me to hear the sounds I've been missing for a very long time. They really did an excellent job of diagnosing my hearing loss.

Kenneth Hogan
Kenneth Hogan

Miracle Ear Changes Lives

The degree of hearing loss has a significant impact on how well we can communicate, but it's crucial to never minimize or ignore the impact that even mild hearing loss has on a person's day-to-day activities.

Our fully rechargeable hearing aids' cutting-edge lithium-ion technology enables quick, dependable charging so you can continue living an active lifestyle. Rechargeable hearing solutions are hassle-free, long-lasting and flexible.

You can check your hearing and have your ears examined with the help of this free hearing aid test in Leechburg.

Miracle-Ear is a one-stop solution for
your lost Hearing Ability.

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Benefits Of Taking Early Hearing Tests

Hearing difficulties in noisy areas

Hearing difficulties in
noisy areas.

Ringing in the ears

Ringing in the

Asking people to repeat themselves

Asking people to
repeat themselves.

unable to understand telephone conversations

Being unable to understand telephone conversations

Turning up the television or radio volume

Turning up the television or radio volume.

Our Goal is To Improve The Hearing Of People So That They Can Live A Better Life

Our Hearing Aid Healthcare Solution Includes The Following

Hearing aid clean and checks

To keep your hearing aids functioning properly, it is crucial that you visit your hearing care specialist every quarter for a cleaning and check-up. This kind of follow-up appointment for hearing aids includes a check for proper operation of each component of the hearing aid. Cleaning each hearing aid thoroughly. The replacement of each device's battery.

Device repairs and adjustments

In addition to cleaning and checking your hearing aids, we'll also make any necessary programming changes to make sure you're hearing exactly what you want to be hearing. You can always bring your hearing aids into your hearing aid center for any required repairs, which are covered by our 3-year warranty.

Annual hearing test

Even after you start using hearing aids, it shouldn't come as a surprise that your hearing continues to change. For this reason, we also visit you once annually for a hearing test. If your hearing has indeed changed, we'll make any necessary modifications to your hearing aids to ensure that they keep up with you.

Discount on In-store Solution

The Free Hearing Aid Test in Leechburg aims to identify the best option for your needs and price range. You will get a $1,000 discount if you buy an in-store solution. It's a great deal to lock in because of the free hearing test and significant hearing aid discount.

Budget-Friendly Solutions For Every Lifestyle

Hearing aid technology has changed and advanced significantly over the past few decades. A range of hearing aid models are available from Miracle-Ear, from the virtually invisible to the incredibly potent digital technology. Our objective is to find a solution that perfectly fits your way of life.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

At every stage, our audiologists are here for you. Our mission is to guarantee that our patients receive the highest level of customer service and hearing care from our skilled and knowledgeable hearing care specialists.


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Questions? We've got answers.

Although hearing aids don’t restore your hearing, in some cases they are the only option that can help you hear properly, communicate effectively, and regain your quality of life.

Since our audiologists are very thorough, the evaluation will take about an hour.

You need to receive a hearing test every year and a screening every six months.

When you first get fitted for them, we advise that you wear them the majority of the time to help you adjust to them as quickly as possible.

Wearing a hearing aid could actually help to lessen the effects of tinnitus for many people. Tinnitus can be attributed to hearing loss.