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Patient Testimonials

I've been a client of Miracle Ear for a very long time, and I've always found it to perform at a 5 Star level. They are a first-rate group, starting with the welcoming smiles at the front desk and continuing through the free test and hearing aid fittings. Your hearing will be improved by the audiologists using every resource available.

James Alfaro
John L. Abbott

My hearing loss began during my first few years of employment. Daily exposure to loud machinery noise was not good, but I was unaware of its full potential for harm. I recently started working with the Miracle Ear’s staff, and they were very helpful in helping me find the hearing aids that would work best for me. I will happily recommend Miracle Ear to anyone having trouble hearing. I appreciate all of your assistance over the years.

Wayne Judkins
William Hinson

I wore hearing aids for over seven years, but they didn't improve my hearing. My grandchildren could not be heard by me either. I now wear Miracle Ear hearing aids that significantly improve my hearing and reduce background noise. I highly recommend the free hearing aid test in Russellton to anyone who wants personalized care.

Cassandra Knight
Claude Kidd

Our goal is to make our patients happy with the hearing health care they receive

Our aim is for every patient to have a wonderful experience with our free hearing aid test in Russellton and to receive the outcomes they truly require. Making our patients happy is what we do, whether it be with something as straightforward as a hearing consultation or as significant as a full hearing aid fitting. 


It is a simple process that we never really think about, until we start to notice that words in speech aren’t as clear, or that raindrops sound so faint we barely hear them.


Are you prepared for better hearing today? Find the best hearing aids and technology for your needs and lifestyle by making an appointment with one of our hearing health professionals!

You are our top priority, from the first phone call to a lifetime of hearing health care.

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What to expect after booking for a free hearing aid test in Russellton?


Speak sympathetically with our audiologist.

Missing Important sounds

Share your thoughts and the effects of your own hearing loss.

Asking people to repeat their words.

Our audiologist will explain the test in detail before you begin.

Turning TV and Radio volume high.

Locating a hearing treatment option that is affordable for you.

Getting ignored by people

Once your hearing is back, start listening to the familiar sounds again.

Enjoy the benefits of natural hearing with Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

Our Hearing Loss Treatment Program Covers the following Services

70 Years of expertise

Since 1948, we have devoted our time and energy to introducing customers to the hearing healthcare industry. We get satisfied when someone hears chirping birds for the first time in a while or hears their granddaughter whispering in their ear. This has motivated us for more than 70 years and will keep us working toward providing excellent hearing healthcare.

Exclusive Hearing & Lifestyle Assessment

Locally owned and run, Miracle-Ear has over 1,500 locations. Our professionals are locals who genuinely care about providing top-notch service to their customers. If you need adjustments or repairs, we will be happy to assist you.

Commitment to Excellence

Miracle-Ear is by your side at every turn. In order for people to enjoy their best years together, we have devoted more than 70 years to improving people's hearing. You will be treated with the same high standard of care and respect at any one of our 1,500 locations across the nation.

3-year warranty

Because hearing aids are an investment, we are committed to providing you with the service you expect. As a result, we offer our industry-leading 3-year warranty on almost all Miracle-Ear hearing aids. You won't need to worry about making any quick fixes to keep your device working the way you want it to.

Discount on In-Store Solution

The Free Hearing Aid Test in Russellton seeks to identify the best option for your needs and price range. You will get a $1,000 discount if you buy an in-store solution. This is a fantastic deal to take advantage of because it includes a free hearing test and a sizable hearing aid discount.

Free lifetime service & aftercare

If we all take better care of our hearing aids, you will benefit from them more. We offer our clients free lifetime service and aftercare as a result, which includes yearly hearing tests as well as clean-up checks and adjustments.


free hearing aid test in cheswick

Questions? We've got answers.

Aging, exposure to loud noise, medications, infections, head or ear trauma, congenital (birth) or genetic factors, diseases, and a variety of other causes are just a few of the many possible causes of hearing loss.

There are many different kinds of hearing aids available today, and the one you choose will depend on your needs, lifestyle, and financial situation. There are styles for behind the ear as well as in the ear.

This is a common complaint, which is why we wrote this guide for you. Your doctor of audiology will give you advice based on the outcomes of the free hearing aid test in Russellton and your personal improvement objectives.

Patients who are wearing devices experience 99% less ringing. In the event that those options are unsatisfactory, we also offer additional tinnitus-specific treatments.

For this appointment, you should block off roughly an hour. The tests could take around 30 minutes, after which your audiologist will show you the audiogram and go over the findings.