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Patient Testimonials

They seem to be interested in my hearing problem and trying to find a solution. In the past, I've worn several hearing aids that required multiple visits to get the sounds right. After my first visit to Miracle Ear, my hearing aids were set up correctly!

Leonard Haas
Louise Denning

We sincerely appreciate everything you have done for us. The hearing aids have been fantastic, and we are very grateful for ALL of your assistance throughout the process. We are so grateful for your assistance!

Ronald Castaneda
Robert Torrance

I spent a lot of time struggling with hearing loss. I can now clearly hear my grandchildren thanks to my new hearing aids! They are so happy that I can now hear them. And right now, I'm a happier person. Now everyone knows I'm a very social person! I appreciate you so much for making my lifestyle better.

Gerald Devine
Gerald Devine
Free Hearing Aid Test in Natrona Heights

Free Hearing Aid Test in Natrona Heights

Maintaining healthy ears requires routine hearing tests. They can aid in the early detection of hearing loss so that it can be treated before any long-term damage is done.


To top it all off, hearing is the only sense that allows us to communicate with others at a level that others can’t match.


Although the severity of hearing loss has a significant impact on how well we can communicate, it’s crucial to never minimize or ignore the impact that even mild hearing loss has on a person’s day-to-day activities.

Take the first step towards better hearing with Miracle Ear.

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Early Symptoms Of Hearing Loss


Ask people to repeat themselves often.

Missing Important sounds

Difficulty hearing on the phone.

Asking people to repeat their words.

Need to turn up the volume on the TV.

Turning TV and Radio volume high.

Finding it hard to keep up with a conversation.

Getting ignored by people

Thinking other people are not speaking clearly.

This online hearing test is meant to verify any current hearing loss you may have

What do you can Expect from Miracle Ear?

3 Year Warranty

The decision to invest in hearing aids is a big one, and we want you to have the best experience possible. Almost all Miracle-Ear hearing aids are covered by our industry-best 3-year warranty.

Free lifetime service & aftercare

If we take care of your hearing aids together, they will take better care of you. Our customers receive free annual hearing tests, cleans, checks, adjustments, and repairs.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

We are here for you every step of the way. Our hearing care professionals strive to provide our patients with the best customer service and hearing health care possible.

Solutions for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Over the past few decades, hearing aid technology has evolved significantly and undergone significant changes. In addition to virtually invisible hearing aids, Miracle-Ear also offers ultra-powerful digital hearing aids. Our goal is to find a solution that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Commitment To Excellence

Every step of the journey is supported by Miracle Ear. We've dedicated more than 70 years to improving people's hearing so they can spend their best years together. At any of our 1,500 locations across the country, you will receive the same high standard of care and respect.

Discount on In-store Solution

The Free Hearing Aid Test in Natrona Heights aims to identify the best option for your needs and price range. You will get a $1,000 discount if you buy an in-store solution. It's a great deal to lock in because of the free hearing test and significant hearing aid discount.


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Questions? We've got answers.

Clearly, this is not true. Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age or stage of life. In reality, those with hearing loss make up 65% of people under 65 years of age. In the United States, 6 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 have hearing loss, of whom 1.5 million are children in school.

Have your hearing evaluated as the first step in treatment. An audiologist will evaluate your hearing to determine whether you have hearing loss and whether amplification would be helpful.

Hearing aids can make it much easier to understand speech. They do not, however, restore your ear’s normal functionality.

Yes, of course! Returning to the office without a fee increases success rates. Please visit us frequently as long as your hearing aids are in service. We offer a three-year warranty that covers loss, damage, and even repairs.

Audiologists are medical specialists who evaluate, recognize, and treat hearing loss as well as other auditory conditions like tinnitus and balance issues.